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Employer Features

Employment listings

  • Ability to Add, edit & delete job listings
  • view jobs
  • view job stats


  • Categories (select from list of categories) – Allowed to select from two categories
  • Note: allow for the possibility of have two tiers of categories
  • Status: Open, Pending, Closed, Off line
  • Employer: (Text)
  • Location (This is selected by a database/List managed by ASCET)
  • Date Posted (Automatically calculated)
  • Expiry Date: (Date)
  • Pay Rate (Text description)
  • Job Type (Select from list – Full time, Part Time, Casual, Short Term contract)
  • Job description (Text editor)
  • Note: depending on which employer or Agency added the job, their contact details will be included in the job listing
  • Agencies and employers can implement a customised template displaying their company name / logo. When the job is displayed, the customised template is seen by the user.
  • The Owner of the job listing can edit the details of the job by logging into the job system

Other features

  • Tracking of clicks per job
  • Number of jobs listed
  • Number of closed jobs and pending jobs


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