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Choose wisely:

Register your domain name ASAP and protect a very important part of your business's identity.

Once you have registered your domain name, it is your property. You can move your name from one hosting provider to another without having to worry about changing your web site address or your email addresses under your domain name.

Renewal is every two years for names. Renewal notices are sent directly to you.

Tips for choosing your name

  1. Remember to pick a name that rolls off the tongue well and creates no confusion in translation from verbal to written. If one is not availble for your requested name, think of an abbreviation of your trading name or add a prefix, suffix or hyphen.
  2. Shorter names are generally regarded as easier to remember than longer ones. (Some longer names are easier if the only logical abbreviations are complicated or ambiguous)
  3. For branding purposes or if you have a special event etc you may also wish to register multiple domain names and point them to your website.
  4. If you run a charity or non-profit organisation then you would want to register a domain name.

Valid characters and lengths for domain names?

  • The English-language letters A through Z
  • The digits 0 through 9.
  • hyphens (-) (though your domain cannot begin or end in a hyphen and you cannot have two hyphens in a row)
  • Spaces and special characters (such as !, $, &, and so on) are never permitted.
  • The maximum length is 63 characters.
  • Domain names are NOT case sensitive. (You may advertise your name in upper or lower case or a combination of both)


Which domain name am I eligable for? and/or

To be eligible, registrants must be:

  • an Australian registered company; or
  • trading under a registered business name in any Australian State or Territory; or
  • an Australian partnership or sole trader; or
  • a foreign company licensed to trade in Australia; or
  • an owner of an Australian Registered Trade Mark; or
  • an applicant for an Australian Registered Trade Mark 1 ; or
  • an association incorporated in any Australian State or Territory; or
  • an Australian commercial statutory body.

To be eligible, registrants must be:

  • a charity operating in Australia, as defined in the registrant's constitution or other documents of incorporation

To be eligible, registrants must be:

  • an association incorporated in any Australian State or Territory; or
  • a political party registered with the Australian Electoral Commission; or
  • a trade union or other organisation registered under the Workplace Relations Act 1996; or
  • a sporting or special interest club operating in Australia.

To be eligible, registrants must be:

  • an Australian citizen; or an Australian resident.

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