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We build websites that functional, easy for your customers to navigate and easy for you to maintain.


Why Ascet?

We have 19 years of experience building websites with a team to handle design, build and support.


Why WordPress?

WordPress is suitable for all sites ranging from small organisations to large companies with complex needs.

We have been building websites from Ballarat, Australia since 2003 with over 1000 sites built since launching the business.

Since then we have built many, many websites in a variety of different development platforms.

In 2015 we decided to focus mainly on WordPress websites and now manage over 250 WordPress sites.

We pride ourselves on delivering Ballarat WordPress websites that work for your customers. We develop sites that are user-friendly, functional and search engine friendly, rather than a webpage overloaded with Bling.

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WordPress websites

What's so good about WordPress

Nearly 1/3 of all website are built on WordPress

WordPress is extremely popular because the result is solution that looks great and is easy to maintain. A whole community of WordPress developers work together to provide plugins that add functionality and enhancements to achieve almost any result.

Flexible and Scaleble

WordPress is suitable for all sites ranging from bloggers to small organisations to large companies with complex website needs.

It can handle membership, e-commerce, e-learning, blogging .... and it can be adapted to meet different requirements.

Ecommerce Functionality

An online store can build right into a WordPress website. It will handle the products, the shopping cart and the checkout process. Just link it to your payment gateway and you are ready to make online sales.

SEO Ranking

WordPress sites tend to rank well. We add SEO functionality so that each individual page can be optimised.

Mobile Responsive

Websites need to remain functional and look good of multiple devices - laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc. WordPress handles responsive elements well.

We don't build sites for you; we create sites for your visitors.

We have been privileged to provide web services to clients across multiple industries.

Our customers range from government departments to micro-businesses. It does not matter what industry you operate within; the fundamentals of a good website are unchanged.

We offer a range of WordPress web packages that can be tailored to your business.

Ballarat WordPress Experts

Our business has evolved via the development of hundreds of websites since 2003. We are constantly refining the process to seek the best results for our clients.

Our team is a vibrant, enthusiastic, talented group determined to prove that metropolitan standard development can be produced within a regional City.

Intellect and talent are not defined by geographic location.

We achieve our outcomes with Simple Strategies

Understand our customers

We seek to understand your business and provide the required solutions that are practical, realistic and jargon-free.

Quality work begins with proper planning.

Understand the project

We evaluate project needs and develop an appropriate plan to ensure your website works for you. The result is a site that evolves and adapts to your business needs over time.


Good design is essential to a website's success. We provide layouts that are focused on generating conversions. A successful site produces sales, it's not just a site that looks good but doesn't perform well.


We utilise quality WordPress frameworks that allow us to offer fast loading pages which are mobile-focused. We make use of a page builder to give you maximum control over the layouts of your own pages.


We ensure that the website is built responsively. You may actually have more mobile visitors than desktop which makes mobile and Responsive design more important than ever. 


We conduct multiple tests to ensure your site works on modern browsers, mobile and tablet devices. Careful planning ensures this happens without a hitch.

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Building WordPress Websites


When your website is finished It doesn't end there

Website maintenance

We create your website in a way that allows you to manage it yourself. You have access to our building tools so you can change pictures, update wording and change layouts.

Website hosting

We will host your website on one of our Australian servers to provide faster website display. Our Managed Hosting Service includes access to premium plugins, backups, security and monitoring.


We can remind you how to update your website or we can make the changes for you. Just let us know what you have in mind and we will work together to get the result you are after.

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