Many organisations register their domains via different registrars with many of these decisions based on the cost of the domain registration.

However, few businesses realise the dangers with this strategy. We have encountered many emergencies in which important changes cannot be implemented.

Can you answer these questions:

  • Where is your domain name registered?
  • Who owns the domain, and who pays for the renewal?
  • Who is the contact listed for your domain name?
  • Who controls the domain name? If you need to update the name servers, who do you talk too?
  • Where is the domain hosted? Again, who do you go to to make DNS changes?
  • Are there emails associated with the domain? If so, who manages these emails?

In mission critical situations, its is important that businesses can easily answer these questions and manage changes quickly.

We expect our clients to answer these questions. We manage our domains via 3 registrars which include:

  • Dreamscape
  • DNSimple
  • Google Domains

If required, we can arrange for the transfer of all domain registrations to our preferred registrars.

.au Domain Names

In 2022 the auDA introduced a new general purpose namespace available to anyone with an Australian connection. The new domains are simpler and shorter and allow the domain name to be used directly before the .au.  For example

Find out about your Priority Status claim to your .au

Learn about the .au domain about .au Domain Names

Go ahead and register your domain name

Managed Services Managed Services Packages

We offer the following services as part of our Managed Services.