Digital Consulting + Coaching

We believe that to best serve our clients; we need to empower them with knowledge of all facets of digital marketing. We do NOT attempt to hide knowledge as a method of creating dependencies and more work. We believe that the more a client understands, the more appreciation for our work.

We believe that each of our clients has the opportunities to dig deeper into the principals of Digital Marketing. We encourage our customers to seek further study and have provided numerous recommendations to assist them in their learning needs.

Executives must embrace the skill gaps that occur in many organisations by investing in the time required to understand these primary principals. The challenge for these executives is that when they go to a course, they are sitting in the same room with many juniors making them the odd one out.

For example, Executives should understand the difference between a CPA or CPC like a banker would understand the spread of a loan.

At meetings, many executives will be scared to question aspects of a strategy or proposal due to their fear of looking a fool.

We offer digital consulting services to organisations that acts as a private coaching service to these executives. We have found that this approach empowers them and helps them better understand the decisions required versus a traditional consulting model that incorporates many words with little understanding.

Please feel free to contact us to assist in developing an executive coaching program for your organisation.