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Call Tracking

We offer independent call tracking advice and services to our clients as part of our Analytics measurement toolkit. We are a not a vendor based service and can offer conflict free advice for your call tracking needs.

In many cases, call tracking has been a game changer. Campaigns that we thought were performing well (but did not have evidence) turned out to be running above expectations when calls were tracked.

Other campaigns that we expected to generate high call volumes were not as successful as anticipated. Recording phone calls provided us with a valuable tool to better under what was working or not working.

The main point was that call tracking provided us with actionable intelligence that powered future decision making.

How Does it Work?

Here is a simple case study on how it works

Bob looks for a florist and clicks on your paid ad. The phone number he sees on your website is a tracking number specifically designated to track Adwords visitors.

His phone call is redirected to a number of your choice, and you receive that phone as normal.

The details of what triggered the call are captured in our system and can be tied back to the campaign, ad text or keyword.

Call Tracking Packages:

Call Tracking set up:

Set up call tracking for your website. Our packages include:

  • Add call tracking code to Google Tag Manager
  • Set up call tracking numbers
  • Configure call tracking settings
  • Verify call tracking is working
  • Link Call tracking to Google Analytics
Talk to us on how we can assist you with your call tracking needs.
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