Google Analytics Services

Good analytics is an essential part of knowing whether your advertising is working or not. Don’t be fooled by thick reports that you don’t know how it affects you.

As our favourite digital teacher (Avinash Kaushik) preachers, we have two types of reporting

If you see a data puke then you know you are looking at the result of web reporting, even if it is called a dashboard.

We endeavour to follow Avinash’s advice by trying to provide data that offers actionable intelligence. Via our analytics training and experience, we provide expertise, intelligence and insight to tell you what happened, why and what it means to your campaign.

We provide many services for Google Analytics

Google Analytics Health Checks

We can conduct a health check on your Google Analytics account to check on your installation. Our health checks are a series of analytics and instrumentation checks that answers the following questions:

  • “Does it collect what we need?”
  • “Can we trust this data?”
  • “Where are the holes?”
  • “Is there anything that can be fixed?”
  • “Is anything broken?”

Develop accurate reports and goals

Many websites are designed without answering this fundamental question:

What would a successful outcome be if a user visited my website

Very few business are measuring these outcomes via their Google Analytics. We can work with your team to identify these micro and macro website goals for your site. Once these goals are confirmed, we will then set up as goals within Google Analytics. Each goal would also be assigned a dollar value.

Build custom remarketing Audiences

Within Google Analytics, we can develop unique remarketing audiences based on your user behaviours when interacting with your website.

Google Analytic implementations

Have you activated demographic reports, is your account getting polluted by spam, have you moved to Universal Analytics? We can assist you in getting your Google Analytics set up correctly. 

Enhanced Ecommerce implementations

Do you have a Shopify site or Woocommerce website? Would you like transaction data to show in Google Analytics? Are your transactions showing correct attribution? Have you enabled enhanced e-commerce?

Talk to us about how we can help.

We also offer Google Tag Manager installations

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