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We have helped many organisations across a range of industries transition to Digital Advertising.


Our Approach

We know that what works for one business is not going to automatically work for another business. Your business is unique.

Search Engine Optimisation is often a misunderstood marketing tool which often leads to SEO scams.

When I speak to many businesses, they tell stories of how they have engaged an overseas SEO firm which has ultimately ended in tears.

As web developers, we also believed in the principle of building logical websites that were easy for the search engines to index. We thought that was all you had to do for search engine success.

We were wrong.

We now see the value in doing the hard yards and doing the keyword research. '

We now see the benefits of identifying the right keywords to target for each your pages while ensuring that page is optimised for that keyword.

We now view search engine optimisation as an understanding of the voice of the customer.

An excellent example of the power of keyword optimisation and voice of customer relates to dentists.

We noticed how our dental clients were using the word “dental surgery” to describe their business. However, when a user had a toothache, they searched for ‘dentist.’

Therefore, we instructed our clients to change their language from dental to dentist. This small difference had a substantial improvement in their rankings for searches that impacted their business.

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Digital Marketing Our SEO Approach

Our SEO approach can be divided into the following areas:

Development of an SEO Strategy

The development of a search engine optimisation strategy involves auditing your websites against key variables that impact search engine rankings.  Extensive keyword research will be undertaken to identify key search terms to match against respective pages within your sites.

Any structural search engine improvements will be implemented as part of this audit while monitoring will be set up for future evaluation.

Implementation of your SEO strategy

Once the search engine optimisation strategy has been finalised, each page within the website will then need to be optimised against the identified target keyword. Adjustments to each page will be required and implemented by our team or your team. We recommend a training session on the fundamentals of SEO.

Ongoing SEO Management

Ongoing monitoring of keyword positions should be part of an ongoing SEO monthly package. Good SEO requires a continuous investment that involves addressing weaknesses (fall in rankings) while continuously refining website copy and page structures to maximise search engines.

SEO is a rapidly changing environment. Any algorithm change can impact your rankings overnight which means that ongoing improvements/monitoring is vital for long-term success.

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