Digital Marketing

Within our Digital marketing team, we have worked hard to understand a simple rule taught by Peep Laja.

Whenever somebody voices an opinion, they have to preface it by saying: “In my insignificant, unsupported, baseless opinion”.

We believe that this statement underpins our philosophy on how to approach Digital Marketing and digital advertising.

We believe digital marketing is about conducting the appropriate research, gathering accurate data, analysing the data and identifying actional insights.

We have also structured our services to provide transparency. We believe that we should not be rewarded by the amount of money that you spend, but by the benefits, we offer the business.

As we have seen within the financial industry, good intentions can be abused if commission only payments reward the people providing advice. As Warren Buffett is famous for saying “If you ask a barber if you need a hair cut, they will always say yes.”

The advertising industry is no different. Why should the advice that you receive be clouded by the size of the commission the agency receives. How many times do you get recommendations for advertising opportunities that pay zero commission?

We believe in Zero arbitrage on your advertising spending. No more adding 10% or 20% of your ad spend. We simply charge a flat fee to manage your accounts. If we can reduce your ad spend, then we can as it does not impact on our remuneration.

Our digital approach

We have been privileged to have helped many organisations across a range of industries transition to Digital Advertising.

One of our core learnings from these integrations are:

Never assume that what works for one business is going to automatically work for another business. In digital, all cases are unique and requires respect.

Our team has successfully seen many positive results for our clients where a steady approach at the start has prevented monies from being wasted.

Our strategy is not to pretend that we have the answers or solutions. Our strategy is to research and find ways to reach these customers and identify opportunities to reach them in a cost effective manner. We achieve this by testing and gathering data and then adapting the learnings.

Like a good poker player, we will bet small until the odds are in our favour, then we will bet big once the odd’s are in our favour.

This same strategy is what we seek to offer you. Please call or email to book your Free consultation.