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We have helped many organisations across a range of industries transition to Digital Advertising.


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We know that what works for one business is not going to automatically work for another business. Your business is unique.

There seems to be a strong focus for many organisations to grow their social media presence. Granted, Social media can be a potent tool if used successfully.

However, due to the changing of the rules, businesses today are finding it harder and harder to reach their audiences via this medium and therefore wasting valuable resources on a medium that is delivering poor results.

Consider these assessments from people more experienced than us.

The most discussed statistic of 2014 appeared in a blog post by Marshall Manson from Ogilvy Social in March. He demonstrated how organic reach on Facebook had dropped to an average of just 6% and for Pages with more than 500k Likes, just 2%.

Another article from Facebook details some of the reasons for this decline. The two main reasons Boland cited for the organic reach decline? First, there’s simply too much content being published on Facebook, making visibility in the News Feed increasingly competitive. Second, Facebook is deliberately trying to show people the content that is most relevant to them, as opposed to surfacing all the content available.

Unless you have something remarkable to offer with an existing engaged audience, then I would recommend that you treat Facebook as a paid platform. Think of Facebook/Instagram as the new TV networks.

Our focus for social media is purely on a paid basis.

We believe social media advertising can be a valuable tool in reaching new audiences and raising the awareness of your products or services.

We have run the following types of campaigns for our clients:

  • LinkedIn advertising
  • Facebook advertising
  • Instagram Adverting
  • Twitter advertising
  • Pinterest Advertising

Digital Marketing Social Media Advertising

Our expertise in social media will allow us to:

Develop the initial campaign

Configure the account to reflect targeting options

Write approved ads for Advertising platform

Source images for the ads

Determine a budget and bidding strategy

Provide feedback or advice on the landing pages

Ensure all campaigns are tagged correctly to allow for measurement within Google Analytics

Configure and optimise Youtube Ads which includes Google’s new ad format of Bumper Ads

Set up initial goals within Google Analytics to monitor the visitor performance.

All campaigns offer complete transparency. No mark ups to your ad spend. You pay for the advertising directly, and we will charge a monthly management fee. If we can save you money, you benefit. We are not incentivised to increase your spend.

You pay for the advertising directly, and we will charge a monthly management fee. If we can save you money, you benefit. We are not incentivised to get you to increase your ad spend.

Ballarat Digital Marketing Experts

Our services are budget friendly, and our experience is characterised by the success we have achieved for our clients.

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