Managed WordPress Sites

Business continuity is a vital part of producing sales and profits. Importantly it’s also an essential component of retaining customers by providing them with a reliable experience time after time.

We manage 100s of websites and treat the management of these services as mission critical.

We believe in a managed service approach versus the hosting of a site. We understand that WordPress and the various plugins need to be continuously updated to provide the optimal security required in today’s environment.

We have seen too much buck passing in the IT sector. Therefore, we aim to provide a single point of contact for all aspects of running a website. If there is a problem, you can call, and we will assist.

We offer the following services as part of our WordPress Managed Packages.

WordPress Hosting + Updates

Our WordPress hosting is configured specially for WordPress. We aim to provide fast site speeds and hassle free hosting with support for all WordPress related issues.

Our hosting includes daily backups with single click restores for your website with 14 days of archives. Our package includes automatic WordPress updates.

To try and provide faster speeds, we have selected data centres in Sydney, Australia to improve latency of requests.

We ensure your WordPress plugins and themes are updated regularly to protect against potential attackers.

DNS Management

Our hosting package also includes DNS hosting of your domain name which provides you with an independently managed DNS hosted platform which offers an extra layer of protection, security and redundancy.


WordPress itself is a very secure platform. However, we believe in providing additional security by utilising security plugins that enforce good security practices and protects against unwanted attackers.

Our security features can include:

  • Scheduled malware scanning weekly
  • Brute Force Protection
  • File Change Detection
  • Enforcement of strong passwords
  • Two-factor authentication if required

External website monitoring

All websites under our managed plans are monitored by an external platform that monitors our websites every 5 minutes and alerts us if your site is down.

External back-ups

If an update fails, or your website crashes, it’s imperative to have an up-to-date backup of your site. Our package provides a daily offsite backup that is always ready. All backups are incremental and held off-site for 90 days with easy roll backs to previous days if required.