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Business continuity is a vital part of your plans to make sales, profits and importantly it's also a key component of retaining customers by providing them with a reliable experience time after time.

Whether you use your website to sell products through e-commerce, you offer a range of services or you just provide information - the same rules always apply, and if they're broken there can be long lasting negative effects.

Imagine the worst happens and your site goes down for a few hours or an important part of it is not working correctly for a few days. Returning customers are typing in your URL or new ones are finding you through search. Only there is no site to view. No products to buy. No services or information to read about.

What happens? Your old customers go elsewhere and now consider you unreliable. How many will return? We can't say exactly it depends on your business and what other options are available. But we can confidently say that you will lose some customers for sure.

Maybe what hurts most is the potential new customers never had the chance to see your website and what you could do for them. Or maybe it's that your customers went and used one of your biggest competitors because they had the right technology to keep their website open constantly.

These problems can be avoided if you work with a web design and development team who know what technology and practices to use effectively. At Ascet, we don't just throw the latest and most expensive tech solutions at every problem, we build custom approaches that are relevant for your business now and have the flexibility to scale as your business grows in the future.

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