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The need for towns and cities to better market themselves is getting stronger every year. As the population becomes more mobilised, the flow of people increases. The pressure continues to grow in capital cites with travel time increasing, the cost of housing becomes more unaffordable and people are genuinely looking for a change of environment.

Regional cities need to attract skilled labour and new businesses to ensure their communities survive.

A driving factor in getting new residents to move into a new city is employment opportunities. Currently, if these people do not subscribe to the local paper, the number job vacancies is minimal. The need for cities to provide a proliferate of jobs for potential residents is vital in marketing them as a new home.

The Challenge.

In the case of most regional cities, authorities know that they need an employment website that is technologically highly advanced, visually appealing, easy to navigate, sophisticated in functionality and backed by a business model that encourages local employment agencies and employers to post job vacancies.

However, how does a regional city afford the construction of a world class website, with a limited budget?

The answer is ASCET Digital

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