Support + Services

Client Support Services

We get you started, then help you on your way.

Website Training

When your website is up and running, we give you the power to take control of the content.

To begin with, we’ll show you how to :

  • Manage your homepage
  • Change the content on the pages
  • Create new pages
  • Replace images
  • Add links

…… everything you need to know at this stage.

We then provide ongoing support so that you can continue to build on these skills.

Ongoing Website Support

Our team provides phone support to you as you become familiar with the workings of your website. We help with any questions you may have and provide details when you need a refresher on how to manage your site.

The ‘Ascet Digital Workroom’ provides a direct method of access to our team and allows for effective communication.

Virtual Content Editing

If you prefer, we can even update your website content for you. We offer paid blocks of time that we can set aside and make changes as instructed.

Website Maintenance

Website designs are not intended to be static and permanent. There will be advances in technology and new expectations that will dictate that changes need to be made to your website. You may decide to add new features or make design changes at any stage.

These are simply maintenance tasks that can be quoted and implemented at any time.