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Dr Danny Lamm

Dr Danny Lamm

Dr Danny Lamm who established the Malvern East Melbourne Clinic in 1977 prides himself on holistic dental care for all generations…

For every patient who walks in our practice, we offer solutions to their individual requirements. A treatment plan is then devised and tailored to the patients’ individual needs, as no ‘standard treatment’ is used at our practice. At our practice, the entire family is always welcome and we promise to provide all our patients with comprehensive, caring and gentle dental care.

Our practice offers a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Our modern surgery is equipped with the latest advancements in dental technology to ensure an efficient, comfortable and pleasant dental experience.

Comfort is how we care

We offer a high level of comfort in our practice and offer a range of anaesthetic options for our patients who are a little nervous about their dental experience. We are happy to provide sensitive care for all your dental needs!

Dr Danny Lamm
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