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Conversion Management

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Every marketing effort boils down to numbers. But contrary to common belief, it's not the quantity, but the quality that matters.

It is good to have thousands of visitors to your website, but more than just being visitors, your success depends on how well these visitors are translated into your goals. That is what we call conversion.

A conversion may be filling out an online enquiry form or purchasing a product through your website, and 20 of these conversions are more important to your business than 1000 visitors that only view your home page then move on. These conversions provide your business with a return on investment (ROI).

Quite often really simple things can have a big impact on conversion rates. It may just be a matter of improving a headline, adding bullets points, creating more visible call to actions or by improving the layout, and the only way we will know what works is by testing these changes.

To get to know how to improve conversions on your website, speak to one of our experts today about setting up and managing website conversions.


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