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Youtube Overview

While you can reach your audience via different platforms such as mobile and display ads, YouTube advertising offers video ads to get your message across.

Video ads provide a mix of emotion and entertainment factor to deliver your message.
Video campaigns on Youtube leverages its popularity as 2nd most popular search engine next to Google. YouTube is now averaging 2 Billion video views per day globally and it also accounts to 5% of time spent on the internet.

This is a significant factor too difficult to ignore.

Studies show that advertisers who ran YouTube video campaigns saw an average increase of 20% more traffic to their website.

The possibility of campaign going viral is not far from reality. A simple video ad can help spiral your brand awareness to new heights if it's done properly, creatively and consistently.

Why Use Youtube Advertising?

  • It's easy and cost effective
  • Creates a buzz - Drives awareness and interest in your brand
  • Educates about your brand - Informs new customers about your business
  • Drives engagement - Starts a conversation with your customers
  • Increases your conversions - Increases sales and positive ROI

Start leveraging the power of YouTube. Contact us today to help you get started with Youtube advertising!


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