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Woocommerce Variable Products

Woocommerce allows for products to be configured with a variety of options that can be selected at the time of purchasing. This is useful for variations such as size, colour etc. To configure your product variations, add or edit the product, then 1 Define Global Product Attributes It is often easier to assign variations to…

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Plugin updates

As part of our Managed Hosting Service for WordPress websites, one of our most important (and time consuming) tasks is to keep all the tools used behind-the-scenes up to date. This means making sure that themes and plugins are updated regularly. It is only March and already this year there has been a major update…

Ascet Digital phone support

What is website support?

No two days are the same at this end of the ASCET Digital phone line because no two websites are exactly the same. Our time here is divided between three main types of tasks: support tasks maintenance tasks management tasks In most cases, when you call us with a question it concerns a website that…