What is website support?

No two days are the same at this end of the ASCET Digital phone line because no two websites are exactly the same.

Our time here is divided between three main types of tasks:

  • support tasks
  • maintenance tasks
  • management tasks

In most cases, when you call us with a question it concerns a website that we ourselves developed. We are in a great position to offer assistance because we were involved with the initial setup and understand the logic behind it.

Support tasks

Support tasks are generally content related and include reminding you how to make a change you have forgotten how to do, teaching you a technique you haven’t needed before and providing advice and design suggestions.

Our websites are all built with premium tools and we develop them in a way that allows you to control as much of the content as possible. We know you can’t learn everything at once and we are always willing to talk you through a new process to help you complete the changes.

We also know that sometimes you don’t have time to make changes, or just don’t want to, so we are happy to complete the tasks for you. We often perform the role of virtual assistant and simply invoice for time spent, leaving you free to deal with other matters. This service is available on any website, just ask.

Maintenance tasks

Unlike print media, websites are not intended to remain static. Factors such as advances in technology and changing visitor expectations often dictate that changes need to be made to websites. Some of our time is spent maintaining existing sites. This can include adding new features and functionality, integrating new forms, adding icons and galleries, improving mobile responsiveness …. anything that enhances the website.  Ideally, all websites need to be maintained regularly to continually improve the experience offered to your visitors.

Management tasks

We provide a managed hosting service for our websites. That means that we do a range of tasks in the background to keep your site running smoothly and securely. We monitor the servers for outages, update the plugins (programs that provide extra functionality), backup your site each day, store your backup externally, monitor logs and notifications …. all the stuff you never want to know about but you just want to happen.

We handle all the stuff in the background.

Ascet Digital phone support

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What is website support?

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